Dance Tech I-IV & Men’s Dance (Grades 9-12): Dance technique courses focus on the fundamentals of dance with emphasis on ballet, jazz, modern, and ethnic dance. Students will also explore strengthening and stretching exercises, anatomy, nutrition, and injury prevention as it relates to dance. Students will reproduce movement combinations and choreography as demonstrated, and practice and perform these combinations individually and as groups for evaluation purposes. Students will receive verbal and written critiques. Grades are determined by the effort of the student, technical development of dance skills, demonstration of understanding of dance etiquette, terminology, concepts, and artistic expression. 

Dance Tech IV & Men’s Dance Syllabus

Dance Ensemble (Audition Only): Dance Ensemble focuses on performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to apply basic techniques for dancing with a partner in any dance style. The skills and knowledge outlined in this class apply to dancers in any style or genre. Knowing how to dance with a partner is essential in all performance contexts – from social to community to professional. Partnering techniques will be simple in nature and will include movements such as overhead lifts which require a high level of fitness and advanced technique. Work is usually undertaken under supervision, though some autonomy and judgement can be expected given the nature of dance performance. 

Dance Ensemble Syllabus

Tap (First Year Dance Magnet): TBA

Dance History (Second Year Dance Magnet): TBA

Musical Theatre (Third Year Dance Magnet): TBA

Choreography (Senior Dance Magnet): Senior Choreography Project is required for all dance magnet students enrolled at Parkview Arts/Science Magnet High School.  Students will present a project in the area of performance.   Seniors will propose, create, and present a performance that serves as a culmination of the student’s interests and emphasis supported by the curriculum of the dance department.  The proposal, research paper and performance must demonstrate an advanced level of achievement. After completion of the project the student will meet (virtually) with the Dance Faculty to defend their Senior Project Presentation. 

Choreography Syllabus

Dance Magnet Requirements:  TBA

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